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Would you ever listen to a podcast hosted by an ultra-conservative, bible-thumping, Southern Baptist talk radio show host? Probably not. But what if he is listening to and commenting on YOUR favorite podcasts? That’s where it gets a little dicey.

Who is this S.O.B. exists for one reason and one reason only: To challenge the narrative.

My “side” doesn’t listen to your “side” and yours doesn’t listen to mine. As a result, our paths never intersect, assumptions are never challenged, conversations are never started, and the divide just gets deeper… and nastier. Additionally, most of us regularly engage in confirmation bias—we only read or listen to what we already agree with. How boring! How lazy! How cowardly!

So, I’m spending hours listening to some of the most popular podcasts in America—some of YOUR favorite podcasts—to see what interests YOU. What excites YOU. To try and understand what YOU believe in and why. Then, I’ll give you MY side of the story. MY perspective. MY honest reactions. Most of the time I’ll probably disagree…but sometimes, I won’t. When your favorite podcast makes a good point or challenges my thinking, I’ll admit it. When I think it’s wrong, I’ll make my case. And then, I’ll invite you to make YOURS by visiting my website.

Perhaps I won’t be quite the S.O.B. you expect me to be. And who knows? We might even end up liking each other. Only time will tell.


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