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Called2Action started on a yellow legal pad back in 2004.

We were meeting with a former mayor of Raleigh, NC to get some advice about fighting the city council on a homosexual agenda kind of issue and he suggested that if we were going to organize people we should probably have a name.

“How about Call to Action?” Close, but not quite there. “Let’s make it ‘Called to Action” because it rings more true with the bible…then let’s change the ‘to’ to a ‘2’ and mush it all together into one word.


I was a father of three (now four) and running my fairly successful painting company. I was teaching an adult Sunday school and planning to return to Kenya later that year for my second mission trip. I didn’t really need to add anything to my plate…but God had other plans. We grew quickly and it didn’t take long for “C2A” to become a big fish in a small pond.

With the guidance of an incredible Board and Advisory Council, we moved from local issues to statewide issues in 2005 and developed a sizeable email list of conservative church folks and pastors that were willing to engage. Living in a “target-rich environment” provided plenty of opportunities to engage the culture…and engage we did.

We kept fighting the good fight, but beginning in the Spring of 2006, God began to do a new work in my heart and mind. A new friend who owned several Christian radio stations asked me to get involved with a Greg Laurie Harvest Crusade which is essentially a modern version of a Billy Graham evangelistic crusade. I was the obvious choice given my large “army” of local Believers and knack for getting things done, but it wasn’t my “community organizing” God was after. He was after my heart and mind.

The Harvest Crusade took about 14-months to organize, and during that process I came face-to-face with a rather harsh reality: It had been a lot easier to get Christians foaming at the mouth about politics than it was getting them excited about evangelism. The hardest part was…I was a big part of that problem. I had subscribed to what I now call the “political gospel” where my main focus was on “saving America” and putting those “damn liberals” in their place. I went into the Harvest Crusade process as a card-carrying Culture Warrior with plenty of notches on my belt and the attitude to go with them. I came out a much more authentic New Testament Christian with a new take on the state of the nation and the Church:

While politics is important…the Gospel is pre-eminent.

Once God had changed my heart and corrected my mind, He was ready to put me on Christian radio. The date was November 7, 2007 and Called2Actiom This Week took to the airwaves for the first time. Remember my new friend that owned some Christian radio stations? He convinced me that I had the chops to do talk radio and so I decided to give it a try! I ended up doing three years on Called2Action This Week (“Saturday’s at high noon eastern time”) then after a brief hiatus, went to a daily format in Raleigh in February of 2011…followed by statewide in 2012…then finally into national syndication in January of 2015.

Our Mission:

To proclaim, explain, and apply Biblical Truth to every nook and cranny of life, with grace and patience, by any means possible.

C2A Guiding Verse:

I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

Saint Paul

God cares about America, but He cares a lot more about Americans. I’m trying to move in that direction, myself; and, bring you along for the ride.