Foundations of Freedom

$99.00 for 1 year

An 18 Chapter online course to establish a firm and thorough understanding of five main areas of study in order to make us more effective Christian citizens of the United States, who bear witness to the Truth, Grace, and Gospel of Jesus Christ.

After purchasing this course you will receive an email with a link to access to all the online lessons. You can track your progress as you go.

Required Materials

Textbook: American Government for Christian Schools (3rd Edition) by Tim Keesee, BJU Press, Greenville SC. Click here to purchase.

Tests & Student Activities: These are also available through BJU Press and are the ones I use in the class I teach personally. Be sure to get the ones that go along with the 3rd Edition! See below for links:

Class Notebook: Taking notes, storing papers/assignments, graded tests.