I do not mind telling you, right from the very beginning, that Southeastern is a dangerous place to attend seminary.

It is dangerous because we will challenge you—I will challenge you—to consider afresh your calling and what it is God wants you to do for His kingdom and His glory. At Southeastern, we do not primarily ask, “Why should I go carry the Gospel to the nations?” Rather, we ask, “Why should I stay in my homeland when there are so many who have not heard?”

That does not mean we believe everyone is called to the international mission field. But many are, and all of our students, in every degree program, will be encouraged to think globally about their faith and their ministry, whether studying to be a pastor, counselor, youth minister, educator, missionary, or anything else.

Whatever God chooses you to do, we would welcome you to study in Wake Forest with us. Southeastern features world-class programs in missions, ethics, counseling, preaching, apologetics and more than a dozen other concentrations designed to strengthen and equip the future leaders of Christ’s church.

Dr. Danny Akin, President, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Iron Academy exists in order to shape Christian boys into exceptional, biblically-grounded young men who are maximally developed for a life of leadership, self-discipline, and service. Biblical manhood is never an accident and this core belief is reflected in the name of the school, which was inspired by Proverbs 27:17: “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

Our programs are precisely designed to help young men focus on their development at a time in life when distractions abound and when society barrages them with erroneous portraits of modern manhood. Iron Academy is a supportive environment that understands and values boys.

We believe that young men learn best in an environment where they have the confidence to explore new and different ideas in a context that leads them to embrace the rigors of biblical manhood. We know boys. Their potential, energy, and passion are celebrated here.

Since 1990, Harvest has hosted large-scale evangelistic outreaches throughout the United States and in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. More than 5.3 million people have attended, with over 450,600 making professions of faith in Christ.

Harvest Crusades are designed for Christians to invite others to hear the life-changing gospel in a nonthreatening environment, and are held at the invitation of unified local churches wanting to impact their communities. In addition to music from top Christian artists, each event features a biblically-sound and culturally relevant gospel message from Pastor Greg Laurie, including an invitation to accept Jesus Christ.

With a vision to reach even further using technology, viewers around the world can connect via live webcasts, apps, podcasts, and social media in addition to radio and TV broadcasts. In 2012, an annual nationwide simulcast event called Harvest America was born—extending Harvest events into churches, theaters, and living rooms across the country. With thousands of host locations, over 429,500 have attended one and more than 33,300 responding to the gospel invitation.

Phones. The financial market. See the correlation? Maybe not. I remember when I was young, phones pretty much operated the same for a very long time. There were buttons, you pressed a series of them to get someone to speak to you on the other end. Does anyone remember the rotary dials? The same simplicity applied to the financial market of the past. You read the newspaper. You looked at performance and then made your decision on what investment would best suit you. It’s not that simple anymore.

Now, phones are more than phones and they change almost every month with new fan dangled operations that take tutoring to understand and use. It is a challenge to keep up with the technology. It is the same with the financial market. You no longer can simply read the newspaper and decide. Technology, speed and a host of influential outside factors now affect financial volatility and your decision. It is hard, if not impossible, to keep up with these rapid changes.

That’s why L&A Capital Advisors, LLC is here. We are here to help you navigate the frequent financial changes in the industry in order to protect and grow your financial legacy. Once you are under our care, we have a fiduciary responsibility to act in your best interest. Legally and ethically, we are bound to this type of service to you. So, instead of being burdened and/or confused by all the changing options the financial market has to offer you, allow us to bring you security and peace in knowing that your assets are being handled by individuals that make it their business to keep up with the fluctuations and opportunities the market has to offer.

It is our mission to serve all, providing the highest level of corrective chiropractic care & spinal re-engineering with integrity and truth. We desire to transform lives in mind, body and spirit through our passion for lifetime family wellness so that all may achieve optimal health, healing and performance.

Additionally, we support charitable organizations in the local community by donating a percentage of our profits each month. Some of the charitable organizations we support include: New Life Camp, Hearts Revived Ministry, House of Hope, We Build Vision, and YMCA’s We Build People.

We educate young leaders to seamlessly integrate their faith, ethics, and morality into their lives and careers. Students are immersed in challenging academic and spiritual study that demands thinking, communicating, and problem-solving with the mind, heart, and soul.

We require engagement with complex ideas to guide the strategic institutions of society — government, commerce, law, media, civil society, education, the arts, and the Church. We participate in a demanding curriculum and present unique opportunities to students in the heart of New York City.

We are not a college for the timid soul — we value bravery, commitment, and action.

Landmark Capital is a premier precious metals firm that offers outstanding, sound, and reliable information to serve our clients locally and nation wide. We work with our clients to understand their investment objectives and to simplify the complex markets in gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and investment grade coins. We help our clients to understand the benefits of owning precious metals to protect assets and to preserve wealth. Many people initially feel that investing in gold and silver is complicated.

At Landmark, we understand that. Our clients have found that working with one of our industry experts increases their understanding and helps them to make informed investment decisions.

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Majestic is the Triangle’s largest fabricator and installer of countertops, designer sinks,  tubs & tub decks, waterproof shower pans and walls, shower enclosures and mirrors.

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As the owner of Paint Co, I am committed to providing the exceptional quality and service that has been associated with the Paint Co name for the last 14 years. I have 30 years of experience in customer service, management, home improvement and painting and am confident that Paint Co will remain one of the top paint contracting companies in the Triangle.

I think the one thing that sets this company apart from the others is our belief that all jobs, regardless of size or type receive the attention to detail you expect from start to finish. Our customers can have complete faith in the fact that their project is being supervised by crews and employees who all understand that every project deserves the utmost care and respect.

My wife, Dawn and I believe in treating every client’s home as if it were our own. Although we aren’t Carolina natives, we are proud to call the Triangle our home and are committed to helping this community grow & prosper. We look forward to serving this area and expanding the Paint Co name as the number one choice for all your painting and wood repair needs.

Don Perran, Owner