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Who is this S.O.B.? That’s quite a name for a podcast…and quite a question, as well. For some of my conservative Christian friends, it has caused no small amount of consternation. “What does the S.O.B. stand for?” they ask, with a rather concerned look on their face. “It stands for exactly what you think it stands for,” I reply, somewhat glibly.

Most of the top podcasts in America come from a rather liberal perspective, to say the least. “My people” aren’t listening to them, for the most part, and “their people”—maybe people like YOU—aren’t listening to the conservative talk shows and podcasts “my people” are listening to.

I decided to challenge that rather boring and lazy approach to life.

Why? How? Give this short introductory episode a listen to get the answers…and maybe, I won’t be quite the S.O.B. some people expect me to be. Only time will tell.

PS – We will drop the first four FULL episodes next week, which respond to 10 of the most popular podcasts out there…so be sure to come back and check them out! I dare you.

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