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The Steve Noble Podcast
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The Steve Noble Podcast (First Episode)

I’m Back! My first “new” podcast from my new studio! 2.16.24 I’m trying a standard format for the first few episodes: 1. In the News: Stories this week you need to know about and understand. 2. In the Classroom: Something from my Noble U classes to help you learn and grow! U.S. History, Civics, World History, or Christian Ethics. 3. In the Book: A short look into the Scriptures! ***This is a work in progress so I think this first episode is a bit rough…I was rusty…but I’m excited to get it nailed down in order to be a BLESSING for you! PS – I will be praying for your at the end of each episode!
Our goal is to apply Biblical Truth to the big issues of the day and to spread the Good News of the Gospel to as many people as possible through the airwaves as well as digitally. This mission, like others, requires funding.
So, if you feel led to help support this effort, you can make a tax-deductible donation online HERE.  
Thank You!