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Proverbs 4:25

Look straight ahead, and fix your eyes on what lies before you.

There are far too many distracted drivers these days…and sometimes, I’m one of them! Texting and driving can be dangerous and even deadly. Checking your Facebook feed or scrolling through Instagram pictures can lead you into another lane or worse. Driving was a lot safer when people spent most of their time behind the wheel looking straight ahead. Our spiritual lives can be like that, too.

The bible describes the the Christian life as a race (1 Cor. 9:26 & Heb. 12:1) and to win it…runners must look straight ahead without being distracted by competitors or other things. Eve was seduced by her wandering eyes. Lot’s wife could not keep from looking back. Achan saw Babylonian money and treasures that cost him his life. David took what he saw one night from a rooftop. When you don’t keep your eyes on God, you can end up in some pretty terrible places.

Peripheral vision is nice to have when you are driving or playing sports, but lesser issues or worldly pursuits “off to the side” will cause us to lose our focus. Paul kept his eyes on the prize rather than the things of this world and that focus yielded incredible and eternal results. What draws your eyes away from God? Entertainment? Career? Wealth? Attention? Sex? Power?

Only by keeping our eyes fixed on the Lord can we avoid the pitfalls of a distracted life. Christ kept His focus on doing the will of His Father and in doing so He brought salvation to the world. I like the way Pastor Jonathan Crosby puts it:

“Put on your blinders and keep your eyes and motion straight ahead. Look only forward – only upward – and only heavenward!”


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