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Within the past year, the Southern Baptist Convention has been bashed for its sexual abuse scandals. An article by the Huston Chronical, published February 10th, shows 700 victims of these assaults over the past 20 years. Today, on Theological Thursday, Dr. Keith Whitfield, assistant professor of Theology, joins us to walk us through these cases and where they “went wrong”. In direct correlation to the article, Dr. Whitfield wrote only 3 days after the Huston Chronical published theirs as a rebuttal. Where did the Southern Baptist Convention go wrong in disputing these cases? One main misconception is that these assaults should only be handled inside the church – in the words of Dr. Danny Akin “…you should call the police first.” The final call to action on this is to not ignore these issues.

Another topic for today’s Theological Thursday was Dr. Whitfield’s book “Islam and North America: Loving our Muslim Neighbors” and advice on how to love Muslims in our day to day lives. The largest takeaway from this book is remembering to listen to their beliefs and to respect them as human beings.


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