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The Daily – Host Michael Barbaro has a difficult discussion with Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey about the murder of George Floyd, the resulting protests and riots/looting, as well as the need for police reform. They make many important points…but miss others. What about the role of Democrat leaders in these urban areas? What about personal responsibility? What about the fact that all police are not bad? What about black crime rates? What about the impact of poverty? What about the brokenness of the human heart and condition? We have lots of questions, but does anybody have any answers?

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  • Jeneen Hall says:

    I have to admit, I was lost. When I heard the first response from the mayor after the question regarding the NAACP person, I could no longer listen objectively. You gave some pretty interesting numbers. It made me want to write the mayor and ask him why he did not seek those same numbers before responding. A big problem today all over this nation. We have people in authority, voted in by the people, who are just afraid to give a truthful answer. And why oh why wouldn’t the host find out those numbers before asking such questions. It makes me full of indignation (thank goodness the Holy Spirit makes it righteous, reeling me in)! This is why I can barley listen to “politics”. I find time and time again, no one, absolutely no one is seeking and telling the truth. I had to turn off the podcast less than halfway through. Steve, I appreciate what you’re doing here and the Lord knows, I wish I had time to listen and write to every authority. At least that way, I’d feel I might be making a small difference. Honestly Steve, I am like many other Christians, I am homesick and I pray every day, that today would be the day Jesus came for His church. I know there is much more work to do….but I’m ready to go home. God bless you Steve and all you do. Much love and many prayers!

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