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When Christians hear “spread the gospel to all nations”, most think of taking the good news to foreign countries. However, all nations mean our local nation too! Spreading the word around local neighborhoods, cities, and states is a definite need.

Alan Mitchell of Every Nation Campus Ministries shares his calling to engage college students around campuses. Surprisingly, more than 50% of college-aged students in the North Carolina area haven’t been exposed to the word. Alan’s mission is to get the gospel to each campus locally, starting with the 34,000 students at North Carolina State University.

Alan’s story starts with a strong conviction after hitting “rock bottom” during the end of his freshman year at college. From there, lots of prayers and reading through the New Testament. Soon, he saw the lack of biblical ministries around college campuses and felt he needed to change that for the better.

Being in this mission for more than 13 years, Alan says the best way to spark a conversation is with a little help from doughnuts.


Learn more about Alan’s ministry at his website – Gospelmoonshot.org


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