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The North Carolina “Bathroom Bill” controversy is insane. How can any loving person want to deny a basic human right to another? How can you say you should “love your neighbor” and then turn around and put that neighbor to shame because of who they are? What’s next? Separate water fountains for LGBT people? It feels like the 1950’s all over again, but this time the Klan is wearing Jesus t-shirts, holding up “God hates Fags” signs and singing “Amazing Grace”.

Welcome to the Divided States of America 

Obviously, most Americans agree with the common sense goal of the controversial “bathroom bill” in North Carolina, but most Americans don’t control the media, the educational system, the entertainment industry, or corporate America. As a result, the average American’s idea of “common sense” has become antiquated in the minds of the aforementioned culture shapers, and to make matters even worse, those same culture shapers have successfully re-defined the terms of the game.

Yesterday’s ideas about traditional marriage have been exposed for the “hate” they represent, as well as the “haters” like me (and hopefully you, too) who support them. Additionally, those of us who believe protecting the safety and right to privacy of over 30M American girls under the age of 14 (plus the 126M women over that age) are also “haters” who need to be dealt with for the moral good of the country.

Forget the FACT that there are over 840,000 registered sex-offenders scattered across the nation who would be tempted to take advantage of so-called “gender neutral” and “inclusive” bathroom/locker room policies in order to prey on America’s 156M women and girls. Forget the FACT that in North Carolina alone there are over 1.1M girls under the age of 18 who look like “red meat” to many if not most of the 16,870 registered sex-offenders that currently live in our state (the ones who have been caught, anyway). FACTS no longer matter in the Divided States of America. 

Feelings are the new Facts 

If a woman feels like bringing a baby into the world would ruin her life, then it’s wrong to deny her the right to have said “fetus” removed from her body. In fact, it’s hateful. If two people of the same sex feel like getting married, then it’s wrong to deny them that. In fact, it’s hateful. If a man feels like he is a woman and wants to use the the ladies’ bathroom or locker room, then it’s wrong to deny him that. In fact, it’s hateful. If a 30-year old adult feels like having consensual sex with his or her 14-year old lover, then it’s wrong to deny them that. In fact, it’s hateful. If a depressed 50-year old feels like ending their life, then it’s wrong to deny them that. In fact, it’s hateful.

On and on it goes…and where it stops, only God knows

As a follower of Jesus Christ and His teachings, all of this madness is painfully logical to me. In FACT, I can “name that tune” using just one book of the Bible.

In Romans chapter one we see that although people know God exists (sorry to all you atheists out there), they refuse to submit to Him. As a result, they replace His truths with their lies and in doing so, they pay the penalty for their self-deception (look up those heart-breaking FACTS yourself). What’s unnatural becomes natural and plain facts are replaced by feelings.

In Romans chapter eight we see that those who set their minds on feelings over facts are indeed hostile to God. In FACT, they will not and cannot submit to His truth. So when God says that every life is precious from the moment of conception and worthy of protection – they raise their voices and scream, “Hater!” When God says that marriage is between one man and one woman for life – they raise their voices and scream, “Hater!” When God says that He created both male and female and that it really is that simple – they raise their voices and scream, “Hater!” When God says that faith in His Son is the only way to get to Heaven – they raise their voices and scream, “Hater!”

As a result, people like me (us) can organize, boycott, Tweet, Share, Like, and all the rest of it…but none of those things are enough to overcome the FACTS presented in the book Romans, chapters one and eight.

Electing the right leader’s matters, but it isn’t the solution. Speaking the truth matters, but it isn’t the solution. Standing up for unborn babies, the institution of marriage, the safety of our women and children, and now even gender differences, matters, but it isn’t the solution.

The only solution for a sickness this deep is a solution that runs even deeper. The only solution for a culture that has traveled this far down the road to perdition is a solution that has traveled even further. The only solution for the 200M+ Americans who have rejected God’s truth and replaced it with their own lies is a solution that cannot actually be replaced because it is the very definition of Truth itself. “What is Truth” you ask?

Truth has a name…and His Name is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. 

Hashtag that. Tweet that. Post that. Share that. Because…it is the only FACT that has the power to turn this situation around.


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