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Proverbs 4:23

Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life.

As Warren Wiersbe wisely observes, “The heart is the ‘master-control’ of the life; a wrong heart always produces a wrong life. To allow sin into the heart is to pollute the entire life.” We don’t think twice when it comes to guarding our computers from corrupting threats…yet most of us don’t take threats to our hearts nearly as seriously. A corrupted computer can be a real pain, but a corrupted heart can ruin your life as well as the lives around you.

The corrupting influences that seek to poison our hearts will sometimes show up like a roaring lion, seeking whom they will destroy (1 Peter 5:8). Other times, however, they are let in like an expected dinner guest. Either way, the resulting damage can be enormous. Ancient Hebrew culture would agree with Warren Wiersbe – the heart is absolutely the center of everything you are – and it doesn’t take much yeast to leven the entire roll (Gal 5:9).

Is the seductive, deceptive lure of some sin such as anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, sexual immorality, etc, knocking at the door of your heart? Are you getting ready to be captured by your own iniquities, and bound by the cords of your own sin (Pr 5:22)? If so, then prayerfully, meditatively, take just a few moments and guard your heart. Turn off the computer! End the relationship! Leave the job! Confess to a friend! Don’t leave your heart unattended, or you will be pouring poison into the spring that feeds your entire life.


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