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Proverbs 29:23 (NLT)

Pride ends in humiliation, while humility brings honor.

The 21stcentury has given us innumerable ways to indulge our pride. We post pictures of ourselves experiencing the best life has to offer. We share thoughts, ideas, and accomplishments on our various social media platforms. We monitor Followers, Likes, Shares, and Re-Tweets. We start our own web pages where offer our musings on any subject that is important to us or of interest. We go “live” for the whole world to see and hear what we have to say. And while the modern world encourages us to “build our brand,” the truth of today’s ancient and godly wisdom stands firm: Pride will destroy you while humility will bring you honor.

The Benson Commentary states, “A man’s pride shall bring him low because both God and men conspire against him.” Let that sink in for a second. When God and man conspire against you – when they actively seek to bring you down and force humility upon you because you are a prideful person – who is left to stand by your side? And while you might be able to engage in the battle with people who seek to bring you down, what possible defense do you have against the God of the Universe who has stated plainly that He will oppose you (Jas. 4:6; 1 Pet. 5:5). When we puff ourselves up, the only possible direction for us to go is down. God holds the axe and you are the tree.

George Washington’s life provides a great example of today’s verse. By all accounts, the man’s level of humility was simply remarkable. His humility allowed him to listen carefully to his commanders and soldiers. He was a servant leader who earned the trust of the men under his command, even at some of the lowest points of the war. It gave him the strength to decline the people’s offer to become King and to set down the presidency after two terms as to not garner too much power. He regularly deferred praise to others and despised being lavished with it himself. In return, God – and the world at large – has given him honor that has lasted for over 240 years.

Christ’s followers should be the humblest people on the planet, for we understand how underserving we are of his grace, mercy, and love…and we have the ability to assess ourselves sober-mindedly. Grade yourself too high and you will be brought low according to the promises and will of God. Walk in humility and God will take care of the rest.


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