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Proverbs 20:18

Plans succeed through good counsel; don’t go to war without wise advice.

How did the notion that men never stop to ask for directions get started? A recent study shows that men drive an extra 276 miles every year as a result of being lost. More than one out of four men — 26 percent — wait at least half an hour before asking for directions, with a stubborn 12 percent refusing to ask a stranger for help at all. Even in the days of smartphones most men struggle with humbling themselves to admit to someone else that they can’t get to their destination on their own.

Enter today’s proverb.

Today’s passage is not an undeniable fact of life because most people will get some bad advice sooner or later. Additionally, it doesn’t mean that you need to use your lifeline and call a trusted friend to counsel you before each and every decision…as we should all be pursuing wisdom and knowledge to be able to make good decisions on our own. But when you are making major plans or have major decisions to make, don’t be lazy. Don’t be proud. Don’t be foolish. Seek wise and godly counsel to help you see clearly and test your motivations and intentions.

The Bible has many sad and heart-breaking examples of refusing to follow this wise advice. King Rehoboam refused the advice of older, wiser men and instead took the advice of the foolish young men…and so he failed to unite the kingdoms of Israel and Judah. King Saul resorted to seeking the counsel of a witch rather than that of godly men. On the positive side, Moses chose to heed the advice of his father-in-law Jethro when it came to how to effectively provide order for his 1M + Israelite followers in the wilderness.

Wise military leaders have war councils. A wise business owner has a Board of Directors. A wise pastor has Elders around him. Who do you have? Do you have some wise people in your life that you consult with before you make big plans or major decisions? Don’t be foolish, prideful, or lazy. Seek out and take the advice of wise people. Get good counsel. Don’t get lost because you refused to stop and ask for directions.


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