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Proverbs 19:8

To acquire wisdom is to love yourself; people who cherish understanding will prosper.

U.S. adults are now spending on average almost 6 hours per day on video. That includes time spent watching both live and recorded TV, watching videos in an app or mobile website on a smartphone or tablet, watching video over a TV-connected device like a DVD player, game console or internet device such as Roku, and watching videos on a computer. The odds are pretty good that most of that time is not being used to acquire wisdom…but rather, to entertain or distract.

Clearly, we aren’t loving ourselves very well.

Wisdom is self-serving because it brings peace and prosperity to your own life. Additionally, all those around you will also benefit from your acquisition of what Solomon described as “more precious than rubies” (Pr. 3:15). The good life, the abundant life, and the successful life are what wisdom will bring the person that has it (Pr. 16:22; 19:23). When you put the time in to study and learn, you are loving yourself well.

How do you get it? You humble yourself and become a lifelong learner. You know and trust the Word of God. You seek godly counsel and advice from those who know more and have experienced more than yourself. You implore God’s promise in James 1:5 and ask Him to bestow it upon you. Wisdom is not stumbled upon, but rather, it is sought after and acquired.

Jesus commanded us to love our neighbor as ourselves (Mk. 12:31), so love yourself well and acquire wisdom! Set aside the binge-watching on Netflix and pick up a book that offers you hours of godly knowledge and wisdom rather than a few moments of mindless entertainment. Indulging in the things of the world will always leave you empty…so push away from that fruitless table and go after wisdom. In fact, indulge yourself!


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