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Proverbs 3:21-22

My son, do not lose sight of these — keep sound wisdom and discretion and they will be life for your soul and adornment for your neck.

We have come across these words before in Proverbs – wisdom (Tushiya) and discretion (Mezimmah) – but when we consider them in the original Hebrew, the meaning goes much deeper.

To acknowledge God as the author of all good, is the Tushiyah, or the essence, of a godly man’s creed; to resolve to act according to the directions of his wisdom, is the Mezimmah, or religious purpose, that will bring good to ourselves and glory to God. Combined, these bring life to the soul, and are ornamental (like beautiful jewelry) to the Christian who acts in this way.

Sadly, for many of us, we experience these benefits of wisdom and discretion in fits and spurts…ups and downs…starts and stops. The busyness of life can cause us to “lose sight” as we spend less and less time in the Scriptures and in prayer. If you are a parent, think of the way you keep an eye on your children when you are in a crowd. If you don’t have children, maybe your smartphone would be a good example, or your pet. We keep track of the things that have the most value to us and when we don’t? We suffer.

Please remember: God is not some Cosmic Kill-Joy out to rain on your parade. Note the tenderness of the opening (“My son”). He is a loving Father who wants what’s best for you (Jer. 29:11). When we keep our eyes on that Truth – the wisdom He offers through His Word and the discretion we can exercise through the power of His Spirit – things will always go better for us.


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