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Proverbs 2:16

Wisdom will save you from the immoral woman, from the seductive words of the promiscuous woman.

Proverbs speaks of the “immoral” or “strange” woman several times. She (or he) is a flatterer (Pr 2:16), unfaithful to their spouse (Pr 2:17), may have a religious background but is backslidden (Pr 2:17), and offers a taste of life but delivers death (Pr 2:18-19). Adulteress (is) literally, foreign woman; i.e., a woman outside the circle of a man’s proper relationships, hence a harlot or adulteress. The same could be said of a man who plays the role.

One might think this is just about following in Joseph’s footsteps and choosing to RUN in the other direction when the “seducer” grabs you by the shirt and tries to drag you into the bedroom…but in this case, its not that simple. The key to understanding the proper application of this Proverb is found in the phrase “seductive words”, and they can be far more dangerous than a direct assault or proposition.

Seductive words show up as flattery, and flattery can be a great snare, can’t it? Swanson’s Dictionary of Biblical Language defines it well, to say the least: “To be smooth, creamy, slippery – pertaining to a state or condition of a moist, viscous food, so easy to swallow. To be deceitful – give a misleading opinion or thought about what is true, often encouraging wrong behavior.”

Once again, Godly Wisdom is what’s needed in order to resist the temptation of flattery, especially when it comes from an inappropriate relationship. Seductive words can be disguised as encouragement or even comfort, but their goal is always the same: Manipulation. Don’t fall into their trap.


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